"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

                                                                    John 3:16

Personal Testimony

Hello, my name is Richard Rochkind, and I finally decided to put my

story on paper. I grew up in a suburban area in Baltimore, Maryland,

the oldest of three children in a single-parent home. At a very young

age I was diagnosed with what is termed today as ADHD, Attention

Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


Growing up as a hyperactive child made my life very interesting for my

family. For example, on one occasion, I made an innocent attempt to

climb into the polar bear cage at the zoo. On two other occasions I

was the cause of my brothers need for stitches. Other daily events in

my world included throwing rocks at cars passing by just to see what

would happen and tossing balls around the house with the intent of

breaking things.


Quite a bit of my childhood was spent visiting behavioral counselors,

psychologists, psychiatrists, and other doctors at various hospitals for

numerous tests and exams. I would often ask myself, what’s wrong

with me? It was extremely difficult for me, as well as most children

with ADD and ADHD, to sit still and concentrate. In fact, it was nearly

impossible to do so. I cannot remember my mother crying with

frustration and guilt, at a loss as to how she could help me.


Growing up I had the most love anyone could receive from their family. But because of my ADHD I often felt like I didn’t quite measure up to other people and their expectations.


Thank God for his glorious love and mercy. After years of living this way, the Lord graciously saved me at the age of 17, and took my excessive energy and began to direct it in His own perfect way. The Lord started to do and accomplish things in my life that I never thought possible. By becoming a Christian, the Lord always allowed me to see myself for who I really was, a child of God, and that I was chosen and set apart just for Him. Wow!


Friends, there is good news! I found out through the reading of God’s word that He doesn’t look at us the way people do. He doesn’t scrutinize our personality or criticize the way we look. God looks at our heart - our inmost being - and loves us despite all our faults. In the Bible (1 Samuel 16) we read how the prophet was looking for an individual who demonstrated the qualifications necessary to be the next King of Israel. While in the house of Jesse, Samuel asked him to have his seven oldest sons brought before him. At first glance, he knew that not one of them showed the sign of the chosen one. Samuel then asked Jesse if there were any more. With a hesitant reply Jesse stated that there was still one, the youngest, who’d been out tending to the sheep. David, the next King of Israel, wasn’t even being considered for the job, yet when Samuel saw him, he knew he was the one.


You see, God wasn’t looking for the biggest are the strongest. The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. People look at our outward appearance, but God looks at the inside of us and who we really are. I began to realize that even though I may not have been the smartest kid in school, God loved me just as I was.


And do you know what? God loves you, too! He loves you and me so much that He not only wants us to know Him, love Him, and be with Him, but He also has removed the wall the kept us away from Him. Our sins-the bad things that we think and do stand between us and God like a brick wall, but He sent His only son Jesus to suffer and die for those sins in our place so that we can have our sins forgiven and live with Him forever.


The good news that I want to share with you is that just as God has saved me and given me a new life in Jesus Christ, He can save you and give you a new life too! Come to God, believing that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again-trust what He has done for your salvation- and in the Bible it says that you will be saved from hell, made a brand-new person on the inside, and given a home with God in heaven.

Rochkind Family